I Need Tours,Case Study

  • Solverix Team
  • April 5, 2021

This case study includes software development,advisory,customer experience management.One of their clients, "I Need Tours," approached them to develop a CRM system to manage their B2B customers. Additionally, Solverix was tasked with creating a customer support campaign to help "I Need Tours" improve their customer experience and retention rates.


"I Need Tours" was facing several challenges related to managing their B2B customers. They were using outdated software, which made it difficult to keep track of customer information, and they were experiencing a high churn rate due to poor customer support.


Solverix analyzed "I Need Tours" operations and designed a CRM system that would enable them to store customer information, track their interactions with the agency, and offer personalized services based on their preferences. The CRM system was also designed to help "I Need Tours" manage their B2B customers better. The system allowed them to track their interactions with travel agents, manage their bookings, and offer personalized services.
In addition to the CRM system, Solverix created a customer support campaign for "I Need Tours", with a dedicated multilingual customer support team to handle customer queries and complaints.


The CRM system and customer support campaign helped "I Need Tours" improve their operations and retain their customers. The following results were achieved:
The tour agency's B2B customers were able to book tours easily, which increased their satisfaction levels.
The Digital Transformation and Customer Campaign helped improving all KPIs such as Churn Rate,Customer Satisfaction,Revenue Groth and Net Promoter Score.


Solverix helped "I Need Tours" improve their operations and retain their customers by developing a CRM system and a customer support campaign. The CRM system enabled the tour agency to manage their B2B customers better, while the customer support campaign addressed the issues that had led to high churn rates. The implementation of these solutions resulted in increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction levels, and a higher NPS score, making "I Need Tours" more competitive in the tourism industry.